Heed Mr. Spock's Proclamation!

It would be most illogical not to attend our Halloween Party Meet and Greet!

Where else can you meet up with old friends or make new ones as you socialize with local and visiting Ladies, Gentlemen, Special Guests, the usual scaredy cats plus who knows who else might be there! Set phaser's to FUN!

Get yourself a costume!
Get a sexy costume, or a scary one. Dress up as Capt. Kirk, maybe Mr. Spock, or an Angel, Devil, Gangster, even a Klingon. Not that creative? Put a paper bag over your head... be the "Unknown Hobbyist" LOL

Costumes are encouraged, but not required.
Whatever you do... just be sure you attend!

Thursday October 24th, 2019
7pm until 11pm or so...

Venue will be near downtown Chicago.

This event is by Invitation Only
RSVP's are required

If you'd like to receive an invitation:

Ladies - send your website url or Twitter url.
Gentlemen - references from well known ladies or RS-AVS/RS2K information.
Email information to: [email protected]